Blancone Click

Fast (1, 10-minute cycle with light curing) and economical treatment to combine with each hygiene session to promote and demonstrate the complete TOUCH treatment.
Hydrogen peroxide 6%

Blancone® Touch

The BlancOne® TOUCH treatment includes an in-office session of 3-4 cycles each lasting 5-8 minutes, with light curing. For darker teeth shades, an additional cycle can be completed during the same session using the same kit. The kit also includes the BlancOne® STICK home maintenance pen.
Hydrogen peroxide 6%

Blancone Stick

The BlancOne® STICK treatment includes one application a day before going to sleep:
1, 14-day cycle to maintain and restore an in-office treatment
2, 14-day cycles – waiting 2 weeks between cycles – for whitening
Hydrogen peroxide 6%

Blancone Ultra

The BlancOne® ULTRA treatment is carried out in 4 whitening cycles during which the gel is applied, light activated and removed. For particularly dark shades, up to 6 cycles can be carried out during the same session.
Before applying the whitening gel, a barrier is applied to isolate and protect the gums.
Hydrogen peroxide 29%

Blancone Duetto

Based on a complex of natural components and active ingredients to guarantee an anti-bacterial, anti-oxidising action, supplying vitamins, remineralise the enamel, while removing stains and performing a delicate polishing action.

NovaPro Flow Flowable Composite

-Superior flexural and micro-tensile bond strengths
-Low shrinkage stress improving marginal quality
-Doesn’t sacrifice handling properties
-Lack of stickiness
-Increased life span of restorations

NovaPro Fill Universal Composite

-Superior flexural and compressive strengths
-Increased life span of restorations
-Doesn’t sacrifice handling properties
-High stain resistance
-Less water absorption due to high percentage of material cured
-Great for bruxing patients

NovaPro Starter Kit

Specifications -NovaPro Flow flowable syringe x 1
-NovaPro Fill universal carpules x 10
-Available in A2 shade only

Hydra Pearl 6% HP Teeth Whitening Gel

-15 minute recommended tray time
-Visibly whiter teeth in only 3-5 treatments
-Reduced sensitivity from potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride

StarBright 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

StarBright 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish is an in-office topical fluoride preparation for use as a cavity varnish and for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity. The brush applicator included in every unit makes StarBright? an easy product for use in busy dental offices. Patients are able to leave immediately after treatment.