Blancone Click

Fast (1, 10-minute cycle with light curing) and economical treatment to combine with each hygiene session to promote and demonstrate the complete TOUCH treatment.
Hydrogen peroxide 6%

Blancone® Touch

The BlancOne® TOUCH treatment includes an in-office session of 3-4 cycles each lasting 5-8 minutes, with light curing. For darker teeth shades, an additional cycle can be completed during the same session using the same kit. The kit also includes the BlancOne® STICK home maintenance pen.
Hydrogen peroxide 6%

Blancone Stick

The BlancOne® STICK treatment includes one application a day before going to sleep:
1, 14-day cycle to maintain and restore an in-office treatment
2, 14-day cycles – waiting 2 weeks between cycles – for whitening
Hydrogen peroxide 6%

Blancone Ultra

The BlancOne® ULTRA treatment is carried out in 4 whitening cycles during which the gel is applied, light activated and removed. For particularly dark shades, up to 6 cycles can be carried out during the same session.
Before applying the whitening gel, a barrier is applied to isolate and protect the gums.
Hydrogen peroxide 29%

Blancone Duetto

Based on a complex of natural components and active ingredients to guarantee an anti-bacterial, anti-oxidising action, supplying vitamins, remineralise the enamel, while removing stains and performing a delicate polishing action.